Hello Lovely Beings! Welcome to INNERStellar Cosmic Conversations where we share experiences from our hearts to empower others.

Let’s go on a journey together that supports healing, integration and innerstanding. We are Infinite Universal Creator Beings. Every experience we have was created with intentional will by our Infinite Essence for our soul’s growth. In every experience we are serving one another as a supporting actor on a cosmic level.


We have forgotten who we are and have become attached to our roles and the drama’s that are playing out through our co-creations. This is what gives life to fear, anger, judging and separation. Some of us are stuck in our pain by dwelling on it, and seeing ourselves only as the victim, for others of us it might be through avoidance, and not wanting to address our pain. Both are equally contributing to our suffering, because both are a form of denial of our Souls original intention.


As a Creator, I am the Author, Actor and Observer of my reality. We are constantly interchanging between these roles. Often times we may function well as the observer when it comes to our supporting roles, but when it is our own personal stuff we tend to be very attached to the storyline. No matter the role we are currently experiencing they all serve us well and by our design.


There comes a time in each of us when we start to realize that we are more than our experiences and there is more to our story. We exist beyond our incarnation into this Universe. We are beyond time and limitation. We are not created Beings; we always have been the Creators.

How do We Remember Who We Are? How do We Return to Center Point and Our Unified Harmonic Expression of Being? INNERStellar Cosmic Conversations is here to support this journey into remembering. Communication is creation. The Ethos, Logos, Word, the Spirit, became Flesh. That is You, it is Me, and it is Us. We are in this together and we’ve got this!


With Love and Gratitude,




~Patricia Farrington


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